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Hot Spot Adjustments
Need some help. How do I adjust and check the "hot sport"????
Adjusting the Hot Spot of A Blast Wheel.
First determine where the Hot Spot is currently. You do this by putting a piece of plate steel either painted or rusty and running it through your shot blaster to see where the shot intensity is hitting the plate. Depending on the type of machine you are running you would use plate steel for a pass through, a 55 gallon drum for a tumble blast and in a spinner hanger you may have to hang the plate or round cylinder as you would run the product through the blast stream. The idea is to get the test plate in the same location as the product you would run during production. It?s advantageous to run only the wheel or wheels s and not the conveying system. If you are running a multi-wheel machine you would run each wheel separately to get an accurate location of the blast from each wheel. The wheels should run with abrasive for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. Turn off the wheels remove the test piece and observe where the shot is impacting the most. The test piece should also feel hotter in the hot spot area than adjacent areas. If an adjustment is needed it is done at the wheel by turning the control cage very slightly in the direction you want the pattern to move. This is done by moving the cage one or two notches on the rim of the cage at a time. Lock the control cage down and repeat the test above until the pattern is located in the desired location. Note moving the cage one half an inch will move the pattern up to 8 - 10 inches in the blast chamber.
I run a 3 Cube tumble blast. There is no way a 55 gallon drum will fit inside the blast chamber. How should I check my hot spot?
Turn your mill off so it is not rotating, use a old piece of steel either painted or rusty, make sure the plate is long enough to almost reach the barrel head seals on each side of the machine, engage your blast wheel for approximately 15 to 30 seconds and inspect the blast pattern on the piece of steel and adjust accordingly.

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