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Elevator belts...
Can you tell me how to tracking and tensioning elevator belts?

Tracking and Tensioning Elevator Belt Assemblies.
If the belt just needs tracking and the tension is satisfactory follow this procedure. Remove the top cover of the elevator head section. Determine which side you want to move the belt to. Now be very careful but the elevator belt must be running to track the belt. With a wire brush clean the threaded rod on the take-up OPPOSITE the side you want to move the belt to. Then loosen the lower large nut that locks the take up in position. This moves the nut downward on the threaded rod. Once this nut is lowered turn the top nut ever so slightly (1/4) turn then watch the belt to see if it has slightly moved over to the opposite side of the pulley. Continue doing this slight adjustment until the belt is tracking in the center of the pulley. Let the belt run with the adjustment made for about 2-5 minutes to ensure the belt stays in the center. Then bring the lower large nut back to the tight position to lock the take-up assembly in this new location. Replace the cover and done.

Tensioning the Elevator Belt
To Tension the elevator belt you need to determine how much the belt needs to be tensioned. If the belt is clanging against the sides of the elevator casing you must follow the above procedures for cleaning the threaded rod ensuring it is free of all shot and grit particles as outlined above. Then lower the locking nuts on BOTH take-ups to the bottom of their adjustment. The elevator will be very loose at this point. Then cut the belt and remove a piece of belting in order to allow you to splice the belt back together so it is reasonably tight. With a measuring tape measure each take-up and adjust them so they are the same distance down from the elevator take-up support. This ensures that the starting position is the same for each. Then alternately tight each take-up so the distance stays the same on each take-up. When the belt is tight enough to allow you to run the elevator start the machine up and run the elevator and begin tightening and tracking the belt using the same take-ups. Once he tracking is stabilized and the belt stays in the center of the head pulley the belt is tight enough. Lock down the lower large nuts to the elevator bearing support and you?re done. Check the boot pulley as well for tracking and ensure it is in, or close to the center as possible. It is very difficult to get both pulleys in the center but as long as the tracking is stable and not close to either end, it will run fine. If the belt is a new belt, be sure to check the tracking in a week or so due to the stretching of the new belt.

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