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Direct Wheel vs Belt Driven Wheels
Can you tell me the differences (pros and cons) of Direct wheel verses Belt Driven wheels.
The direct drive wheel runs typically at 3550 RPM's. This design of wheel throws less abrasive per minute but propels it at a higher velocity. The belt drive wheels run between 1850, 2250 and up to 2500 RPM. This design of blast wheels throw more abrasive per minute but with less velocity but.

Nick D'Alessandro
Sales Engineer
Astech Inc.
Nick, I have following queries on your comments:
01. Can in-direct driven wheels operate at higher RPMs (3500), same as direct drive ones?
02. Which is the better of two from reliability and maintenance point of view.

Nitro I apologize for the delay in my response, we are just learning on the form and it formatting. You can't run a belt drive wheel more that 2400 RPM. It will be a severe safety risk.

As far a reliability and maintenance they are relatively the same. with a direct drive wheel the motor shaft is typically smaller in diameter therefore and vibration caused by the blades running in an out of balance condition will cause this shaft to distort. The belt drive wheels typically have a bearing spindle assembly and the shafts tend to be thick on these units than the motor so they will withstand more abuse from an out of balance condition.

I hope this helps you.

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