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Snap Band Filter Bag Installation
How do I install snap band filter bags into a top load collector?
Inside the top of the dust bag there is a snap band, this snap band typically has polyester material folded over in such a way that it creates a grove that fits in the tube sheet of the bag house. There's also a steel cage that slides down inside the bag into the tube sheet as well. This helps support the filter bag. What is important in the most critical step is to get the groove of the snapping to straddle the tube sheet. The most common mistake in this application is the customer typically places the filter into the tube sheet but never snaps the band fully into the tube sheet this is required to make a proper seal and eliminates excess dust from escaping the chamber. You have to install the bag into the tube sheet by squeeze or manipulating the snap band together so it seats correctly into the tube sheet then install the steel cage inside of the bag again it's most important to make sure the snap band correctly adheres or snaps into the tube sheet to have a good seal. Make sure that it seats correctly all around , and that there is a good seal on the OD of the bag to the tube sheet, after this is been completed install your dust tubes which is the blow down for the pulse and complete the next row,

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